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Foam Wash

its a new technique where a PH balanced car wash soap with a PH value =7 is used for genrating a High density foam on your vehicle to give a sparkling shine and protect your paint finish for a very long time.

Steam Wash

This is the latest technology used to wash our expensive vehicle. This wash concept is safe for interior, exterior and engine bay. It is also environment friendly too as it saves water.

Ultra Viloet Protection

This involves the application for protection wax (Liquid/Paste Form ) that prevents foreign matter from adhering to the surface of the vehicle including water, tar, dirt etc. This protection give your vehicle a unseen glow and shine to the body paint and it remains for very long time period too.

Ultra Glass Body Coating Neo/Surface Reflinement

Long-lasting protection for paintwork for expensive vehicle, it provides a glassy protective layer to completely seal your paintwork. This innovation coating is much harder which means that it keeps paintworks shiny for longer . The two liquids react to create a silky smooth protective layer.

Sterilization & Sanitization

As your body needs a daily wash to remain healthy and bacteria free similarly the car interior too needs a at least a weekly sterilization so that the occupants of the cars remains bacteria and fungus free which arises due to air in AC ducts, splitting off liquids and food items in cars.

Coming Soon ...

Ceramic Coatings, PPF(Paint Protection Film), Body Wrappings

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Ways to "ECO AUTO SPA ". We take pride in our work and in every vehicle that leaves our facility. Specific service requests are handled on an individual basis and custom trailored to fit you and your vehicle's needs. We specialize in car grooming services that enhance the cars exterior as well as its interiors. ECO AUTO SPA can help make your driving experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Your safety is important to us too.Our goal is to provide exceptional services at an affordable price for every owner. We take care of your cherished vehicle returning it to it's former glory or improving on the modes you've already made when you want to pamper your vehicle with quality wash and detailing services. The ECO AUTO SPA is there to fulfil all your needs. Our detailing packages are a great value, and preference.

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